What areas do you service?

For all of our services, we travel within a two hour radius of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. We do not want to leave anyone without help. With that in mind, please give us a call for further distances.

How quickly can you respond? How soon can you clean?

In most situations, we usually respond that same day and are prepared to clean at that same time.

What kind of equipment or cleaning products do you use?

We use hospital grade EPA disinfectant that will kill MRSA, Aids, Staph, etc.

Does it cost more if I want it done on a weekend or an evening?

No! We work 24/7 and are available when you need us, at no extra charge. The price is based on how difficult the job is, how long it will take us, and if biohazard supplies are needed, etc.

How much will it cost me?

Every situation is different, which is why we offer free estimates. We have jobs from $500 to $9,000 so there’s no substitute for getting an actual bid.

We can sometimes give you a range estimate over the phone or if you are able to send photos and descriptions. When we give you a written bid, there will be no surprises. If anything is hard to pinpoint, your bid will give you the exact range that it could cost. There is no ‘fine print’.

What determines your cost?

Cost is determined by how much biohazard and contaminated materials must be removed, how many biohazard boxes are needed, disposal fees, how long it will take, what supplies we will need to use (PPE, gloves, disinfectants, ozone, etc.) as well as our liability insurance cost, vehicles, and general overhead.

Will homeowners or renters insurance pay anything?

Possibly. Each company has different coverage. You should contact your carrier and start a claim. Most biohazard incidences are covered. If you plan to contract with Anubis SceneClean Inc., we will handle the insurance claim for you.

Do you repair anything that is damaged or has to be removed?

We do biohazard remediation only. We remove anything that cannot be cleaned and sanitized in order to make the premises safe. If carpet or flooring, etc. must be removed, then you will need to hire someone else to replace or repair it.

If there are serious odors in my house, will I have to throw everything out?

Not necessarily. We are able to remediate odors pretty effectively with odorcides and ozone machines. Anything that is valuable to you can usually be cleaned if it is not fabric, carpet or any other material that absorbs gases or odors. In most cases, our ozone machine can get rid of the odor.