Medical Waste Pickup and Removal Service for Plano, TX Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Large hospitals in Plano, TX likely have on-site options to handle their medical waste, but not all facilities that generate medical waste or have biohazard cleanup materials have this option.

This is when our team at Anubis SceneClean comes into play to provide this service to keep everyone safe. Medical waste is made up of many different items and these need to be handled properly to keep the potentially infectious items from coming into contact with people and animals. Contact our experienced team to learn more about medical waste pickup and biohazard cleanup.

Medical Waste Removal in Plano

Any facility that generates medical waste needs to have a way of removing it as well. Medical waste removal isn’t treated the same as regular garbage and in fact, cannot be put into the general garbage receptacles. You may have seen the red boxes for medical sharps, and this is just one kind of medical waste. There are red bags for medical waste removal that are found in labs, research facilities, smaller medical clinics, and even veterinary clinics and other facilities.

Our team is well-trained in the proper procedures for handling medical waste removal. If not handled promptly various odors can begin to manifest, and these are often more difficult to remove. From medical tests to pharmaceuticals to surgical waste and more, medical waste comprises a lot of different things but they all need to be handled with care so that no one is infected accidentally.

Biohazard Cleanup in Dallas, Texas

Biohazard Cleanup and Medical Waste Removal for Plano, TX Clients

Encountering a biohazard situation can sometimes be very shocking and disturbing, depending on the situation in Plano, Texas.

Biohazard cleanup often involves scenes that are portrayed on television, such as suicides, robberies that devolved into shootings, and other situations where blood and/or other bodily fluids are spilled around an area. This is a specialized cleanup and our team at Anubis SceneClean has the right equipment to properly clean and disinfect. Contact our experienced team who have more than 19 years of experience in handling these situations properly.

Call in our team for biohazard cleanup and medical waste removal. In 1872, the completion of the Houston and Central Texas Railway helped Plano grow, and it was incorporated in 1873. During the 1980s, many large corporations, including J. C. Penney and Frito-Lay, moved their headquarters to Plano, spurring further growth. About 80% of Plano’s visitors are business travelers, due to its close proximity to Dallas and the many corporations headquartered in Plano. Our expert team has the tools and equipment to handle your needs so contact us today.