Meth Residue Testing

With the success of AMC’s breakout hit, Breaking Bad, it seems that the idea of a meth lab has been sensationalized over the last few years. However, putting television programs aside, coming across a meth lab is a very serious matter and leaves behind more than just physical disarray. The chemicals used within these makeshift labs can be extremely harmful to the health of those who are exposed to the area, and should be treated delicately by certified and professional cleanup crews only.

For years, we’ve heard about the negative side effects that methamphetamines can have on those individuals who choose to abuse this drug. What we don’t really hear enough about is the effects that these labs can have on the environment and its air quality. In Texas, residual meth labs are a particularly large issue, due to the fact that the state doesn’t have any law stating that owners must clean their property after a meth lab has been uncovered. While new law dictates that Realtors have to disclose if they know that the home was a previous meth lab, landlords or homeowners are free to sell or rent out a home or apartment where a meth lab was previously discovered, without ever being required to disclose this information to the next resident.

Made with chemicals ranging from ether, ammonium and nitrate to lithium, phosphorous, lye and pseudoephedrine, every one ounce of meth that is made leaves behind four times as many toxic byproducts. Consequently, those who unknowingly move into a former meth lab will most likely be subjected to some serious negative health defects. Though symptoms may not appear immediately, exposure to these types of chemicals can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and thyroid, as well as serious disorders within the lungs and the nervous system, chronic respiratory problems, skin rashes and flu-like symptoms.

As mentioned, landlords and homeowners are not required by law to disclose whether or not their property has had a history as a meth lab. However, The National Clandestine Laboratory Register allows you the ability to see which homes in Texas may be exposed to harmful chemicals, so if you’re skeptical about your property, check out this website and see if it made the list. Or, you can skip that all together and just call to have your home tested regardless. The process is relatively inexpensive and when you think about the alternative, we’d say that it’s worth the extra cost for a bit peace of mind. In our professional opinion, you should never purchase a home before having it tested for dangerous chemicals due to a meth lab. It’s just something that you don’t want to mess around with.

If you do find that your property has been exposed to harmful chemicals due to a former meth lab, give the professionals at Anubis SceneClean Inc. a call. We’re professionally trained and certified to handle these types of cleanup sites, and we’d be happy to help you return your space to its clean and healthy state.