Our technicians are certified and trained to handle any type of suicide clean up situation involving biohazard fluids. Our trucks are discreet without any types of signs. We are available to assist in the cleaning and disinfecting of the premises or vehicle for suicide biohazard situations so you can focus on comforting your friend or family. Anubis Sceneclean can give a free estimate or a price range for all types of suicide cleaning in Fort Worth, Tx. Our services are available throughout Tarrant County and the surrounding mid-cities area.

Anubis Sceneclean will work directly with your insurance company. If a vehicle is involved, we can remediate the biohazard fluids onsite or at our facility and bring them back to you in the original disinfected condition. Call, text, or email questions to Anubis Sceneclean 817-825-8781 for our services providing biohazard cleaning and remediation.