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A Biohazard Vehicle Bought at Auction May Not Be a Lost Cause

If you’ve ever been to a public auto auction in the past, you may have seen vehicles listed as “biohazards” selling for rock-bottom prices to savvy buyers. But what constitutes a biohazard, and is a great price on a used car really worth the associated risk? Similar to salvage titles, a car marked as a… Read more »

Don’t Let Blood Spills Put Your Health and Safety at Risk

In the event of a workplace accident that causes a blood spill, your first reaction might be to grab a bucket and a mop and clean the blood up yourself. This may seem like the appropriate response, but it can actually constitute a health hazard, particularly if the spill occurs on a porous surface such… Read more »

Biohazards in the Workplace

Biohazards can happen in any work environment. Whether you’re conducting tests in a laboratory or working the cash register at a fast food restaurant, significant health and safety risks occur on a daily basis and it’s important to be prepared! Biological hazards as defined by OSHA Biohazards are anything of biological origin that can potentially… Read more »