Anubis Sceneclean is locally family-owned and operated for 19 years in Dallas, Texas. We are top-rated and fully experienced with certified trained technicians in providing all types of biohazard cleaning services. In some situations, biohazard fluids and an odor are left behind due to an unattended death where a person has been deceased for a period of time. Anubis SceanClean provides disinfecting of the initial area with biohazard fluids of the deceased and all surrounding areas affected by the biohazard situation with a comprehensive unattended death cleanup service. The odor due to the biohazard fluids can be remediated with special equipment so that the family can decide what to do with the belongings. This service can give peace of mind to everyone entering the residence.

We work directly with insurance companies if needed for all biohazard cleaning situations. Call or text Anubis Sceanclean anytime if you have any questions at all at 817-825-8781.