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How to Test for Drug Residue in Homes or Vehicles

The rising number of stolen vehicles has let to an increased demand for drug testing theft vehicles for Methamphetamine residue. These thieves can smoke or cook Meth while the stolen vehicle is in their possession and while just driving around. Meth residue can cause respiratory problems by absorbing it through your skin while inside the… Read more »

Pet Waste in Homes Can Pose Serious Health Risks

Even the most obedient and well-trained dog may have an occasional accident in the house. While cleaning up dog and cat feces in small quantities is safe for homeowners to do, large volumes of pet waste can constitute a serious biohazard. In cases of animal hoarding, for example, a home may become contaminated with urine… Read more »

A Brief History of the Iconic Biohazard Symbol

Did you know that the now instantly-recognizable biohazard symbol has only been around since 1966? For many years, scientists who worked with dangerous biological materials did not use any standard warning label. Rather, labels varied wildly from one lab to the next. Workers at Dow Chemical became concerned that laboratory personnel would become accidentally infected… Read more »

Understanding the Five Stages of Decomposition

In unattended death cases, biohazard cleanup teams like the one at Anubis SceneClean encounter bodies in various states of decomposition. This process happens gradually—although it can be accelerated by environmental factors—and is typically divided into five stages. You can learn more about each stage of bodily decomposition below. Fresh The “fresh” stage begins immediately after… Read more »

Trust us to Conduct a Full Cleanout Following Unattended Deaths

When a family member or loved one dies alone unexpectedly in their home, it can be a traumatic event for everyone connected. Not only have you lost someone you treasure, but you also need to worry about their belongings and the status of their home. You can count on us to handle all the details… Read more »

A Biohazard Vehicle Bought at Auction May Not Be a Lost Cause

If you’ve ever been to a public auto auction in the past, you may have seen vehicles listed as “biohazards” selling for rock-bottom prices to savvy buyers. But what constitutes a biohazard, and is a great price on a used car really worth the associated risk? Similar to salvage titles, a car marked as a… Read more »

Health Hazards Associated With Unattended Deaths

An unattended death occurs when a person dies and isn’t discovered for an extended period of time. In the interim, the body may undergo significant decomposition and expose nearby people to a number of serious health hazards. Today we’ll address a few of the most common hazards associated with improper unattended death cleanups. Exposure to… Read more »

Bird and Bat Droppings Can Pose Serious Health Risks

Humans aren’t the only residents of densely-populated urban areas. You can often find a variety of small animals coexisting with humans in cities, too. Pigeons, for example, are common sights in cities all over the world. Although these animals typically pose no threat to humans, their droppings can carry infectious diseases that do constitute serious… Read more »

How Do Ozone Machines Eliminate Foul Odors?

One of the toughest parts of performing a hazardous waste cleanup is getting rid of the foul smells that often accompany them. You can use all kinds of chemicals at the scene and still not eliminate these pungent, potentially toxic odors. Fortunately, ozone machines offer an effective, efficient way to get rid of foul odors… Read more »

Don’t Let Blood Spills Put Your Health and Safety at Risk

In the event of a workplace accident that causes a blood spill, your first reaction might be to grab a bucket and a mop and clean the blood up yourself. This may seem like the appropriate response, but it can actually constitute a health hazard, particularly if the spill occurs on a porous surface such… Read more »